Registration Procedure

In order to register for a class, please contact the office to determine the appropriate class level. Registration can be done at anytime using our online platform! Use this link to create an account. From the link you will need to “Click to Begin” followed by clicking “Create Account”. Once you have created your account you can add your student(s), enroll them for classes, and make payment. You can always reach out to our office for help with enrollment.

Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to close classes due to lack of interest. Some classes may be a combination of levels. Any medical conditions should be added to your account under student’s medical information.

Annual Fee

The annual fee is $50 per family or $25 per individual (one student is $25, more than one student is $50). The fee is collected at the time of registration and is good for the school year. There is no annual fee due for the summer session. Annual fees apply to both new and returning students and are non-refundable.

Family Discounts

A discounted rate of 10% is given to the second student in the same family, 20% to the third, 30% to the fourth, etc. Discounts are applied to the lesser fee.

Same Student, Multiple Classes Discount

All students are welcome to enroll in multiple classes so they come more than one time per week! Students receive 10% off on their second class, and 20% off on their third class.


Tuition is due at the time of registration. Once enrolled, tuition is due by the 15th of the current month for the upcoming month (example: December tuition is due by November 15th). If payment is not made your student will be dropped from the class.

Tuition listed on the schedule is an estimate based on a 4-week month. Tuition may be more or less depending on how many times a class meets in a given month and any holidays.

There are no refunds or credits for dropped or missed classes for any reason. Returned checks are subject to a $30 service fee.

All families are required to keep a credit card on file and enroll in recurring billing. A charge for the upcoming month’s tuition is added to iClassPro accounts around the 5th of the current month and a reminder is emailed to families. Tuition for the upcoming month is due by the 15th of the current month. For example, a charge for November tuition is added to account around October 10th and cards on file are charged on the first business day after October 15th.
If you plan on staying enrolled and using recurring billing, you are free to ignore the reminder email. If payment is made prior to the due date either online, in person, or over the phone, then the card on file is not charged. If no payment is made prior to the due date, that is when the card on file will be charged on the following business day.

Enrollment, Class Changes, and Withdrawals

Enrollment is ongoing which means your student will remain in the same class, day, and time unless you request a switch. Switches can be made using your parent portal or by contacting the front desk.

If you want to drop a class, you must inform the office in writing by the 15th of the month prior. If you do not contact us by the 15th you will be charged for the following month. This deadline is required so we can adjust coaching staff and open the spot to a student on the waitlist.

Rules & Policies

Please do not go out into the gym until you are called for your class. No tumbling, running, or horseplay is allowed in the lobby while waiting for your class. No jewelry or gum allowed in class. Parents must supervise siblings in viewing area and help us keep the area clean. Please do not talk to or distract the children participating in classes. Parents are not allowed in the gym at any time. Please stop at the front desk for assistance if you need to talk to your child during their class. Any interruptions may result in serious injury.


Please do not drop off students more then five minutes before class. Parents should always wait with preschoolers until the teacher starts the class. If you are more than ten minutes late for class you will need to reschedule your class; this is to ensure the safety of all our students. Please place coats and shoes in designated area and wait for your class in the lobby. All students must wait inside the gym until they are picked up by their parent/guardian. Please pick up your child promptly at the end of class.

Policy on Weather, Illness, etc.

If the gym is closed due to bad weather, this information will be on our voice mail system, Facebook page and website. We will try to make this decision by early afternoon, following the lead of what other places are doing concerning area closings.

There are no refunds or additional make-ups for snow days, acts of nature, pandemics, or illnesses, such as the flu. However, these absences can be made up using your one make-up per month.


Students must be actively enrolled to attend a make-up class. One make-up class may be scheduled per month. Make-up classes may not be rescheduled once they are scheduled. Make-ups can be scheduled online through the parent portal or through the front desk. Make-up tokens are valid for 30 days and are issued after the class has been missed.


Girls – a leotard or leggings/bike shorts and T-shirt tucked in. Long hair must be tied back.
Boys – shorts and T-shirt. Sweats are permitted. Please be sure to leave socks in the lobby and avoid wearing baggy pants.


Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.