DP Team

Developmental Program (DP) Team

Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy (RSGA) has a highly competitive girls USA Developmental Program (DP) team. Our competitive teams are organized according to the guidelines of USA Gymnastics. RSGA competes USA Gymnastics levels 3-10 with ages of competitors ranging from 6-18 years of age.

Our goals are to develop happy, healthy and confident young people and to create an atmosphere and environment where every athlete has a chance to reach her individual potential and goals. We feel the discipline, respect, self-esteem, and team work they learn here at RSGA will create a strong work ethic that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy is one of Minnesota’s top notch training facilities that has a high quality, exquisite coaching staff that are certified by USA Gymnastics and skilled to train our athletes.

Proudly, RSGA is home to International, Nationals, Westerns, Regional, and State Champions and medalists.

Gymnasts are invited to join the team based on their readiness and space availability. Questions about our team program can be sent to Pavel or Elena at [email protected]

Now that I am all done with gymnastics for good, I find myself reflecting on my years in gymnastics quite a bit, and feeling really thankful for the experience that I had in the sport, and thankful for the people who were a part of that experience for me. You guys were two of the most important people in my gymnastics career — you played such a big role in making me the gymnast that I became, and in teaching me what it meant to work hard, set goals, persevere, and handle obstacles. Although gymnastics is now over for me, I have found that much of my work ethic and the high standards I set for myself came from my experience in club gymnastics. Being in gymnastics taught me how important it is to strive for big goals, be dedicated with your effort and time, and to stay determined, even when facing setbacks. I am grateful for having learned these things, and I want you guys to know that you were a really big part of me acquiring these lifelong skills. I find myself using these skills everyday in college — with my schoolwork, my violin, etc. I feel really lucky to have learned how to be a committed and hard working person, and I want to thank both of you for guiding and helping me in all the years I was at Rising Stars. -Maria L. (Lv. 9)

We are very proud of our athletes that have competed for NCAA schools after competition for Rising Stars Gymnastics team:

* Mary Jane Rott, 2013- Auburn University, Alabama

* Brittany Hadj Romdane, 2014- Southeast Missouri State University

* Amy Enright, 2014- University of WI, La Crosse

* Nicole Gergen, 2002- Gustavus College

* Megan Flanagan, 2004- San Diego State University, CA (Diving)

* Alyssa Fedor, 2008- University of WI, La Crosse

* Jessica Chiu, 2016 (Academic)- University of Minnesota.

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